Aviation Infrared Camera Specifications:

  Window: Heated silicon (anti-ice)
  Thermal Imager
Type and material: uncooled Ferro electric
Pixel count: 320x240
  Spectral response: 7-14 microns (long wave IR)

Unit performance
  Start up: under 45 seconds
  Contrast/Brightness: Automatic

Lens info
Focus Distance: 25 ft to infinity
  Focus method: Automatic
  Field of view: 24 x 18
  Lens Type: Germanium

Output format:  NTSC Compatible (single or differential)
IR Polarity: White=Hot; Black=Cold

Power requirements
Input Voltage: 9.0-30V DC


Weight of Thermal imager - 28oz
Weight of camera and pod: 3.6 lbs
Pod Dimensions: 7" diameter, 19" long
Mounting provisions: pod provided for strut or hard point mount

  Camera operating temp: -30C to 75C or -22F to 167F
Camera water resistance: sealed unit, washable; flight tested through rain and ice 

Export Regulations: license required, must meet US requirements



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