Eagle Eye Infrared Systems, LLC

 System Features System Benefits
MILSPEC design and construction Durable; rugged; encased in washable, water resistant sealed unit
No light / low light operation Enhanced visibility in day or night, smoke, smog, rain, clouds, fog or snow
Uncooled Ferro-electric state-of-the-art technology Seamless usage; automatic 60 hertz calibration; does not require periodic recalibration; image is never lost
Heated silicon  camera window Anti-icing to prevent image distortion; camera operates in -22F to 167F; flight tested through rain and ice
Image does not “flash” in direct light or when near heat sources No loss of image or required visual readjustment; sensor is not rendered useless by heat source
Hands-free operation Reduced distraction during critical ops
No maintenance or training requirements Reduced life cycle costs; less personnel and equipment downtime
No gyro-stabilizer required on helicopter installation Saves time and money
Made in the USA Supports U.S. economy and provides jobs

New Features:

One hour battery back-up for continued visibility during electrical failures

Last half hour flight memorialization

Increased safety and flexibility; more  controlled reaction time

 Permits post-incident analysis

Manually adjusted mounting pod Easier field of vision orientation 

In R&D:

Bluetooth remote wireless operations

Release expected in 3rd quarter 2006:

Images can be transmitted to multiple remote users

Marine application Increased navigational safety
Thermaleye sighting system Integrates thermal and night vision capabilities and night vision counter-measures. Provides 90 field of vision.
Hand-held infrared camera system Portable enhanced vision for search and rescue; victim location and recovery; fire-fighting operations.