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U.S. Export Regulations require an export license before Forward.Vision.™ Infrared Camera Systems are sold and released to non U.S. Nationals in the U.S. or shipped to users outside the territory of the U.S.  Government regulations mandate the system be exported in two separate shipments.


Canadian sales do not require an export license if the sale is to a Canadian National. Special shipping is still required.   


Additional Export Costs:

Export License and Documentation $1,800.00 USD
Estimated Shipping Costs to Europe and South america $400.00 USD
Estimated Shipping Costs to Asia, Far East and Australia $500.00 USD
Estimated Shipping Costs to Canada $300.00 USD



Contact us for export assistance and shipping costs to other locations.



Two forms must be completed to obtain an Export License for shipment outside of the United States.  Please click on the links below to download and print the Export Questionnaire and BIS Form 711 (Statement by Ultimate Consignee and Purchaser).   The Ultimate Consignee (End User) must complete blocks 1 through 6 and sign in block 6 of BIS Form 711.  The Purchaser must complete and sign block 7.   To initiate the export licensing process, please fax the completed Export Questionnaire and BIS Form 711 to 814- 757-5631.  Completed forms with original signatures must be received by Forward. Vision. before shipment can be made.  Export license processing requires approximately 6 weeks.


PDF Export Questionnaire
PDF BIS Form 711

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Export Sales:


Infrared Camera System Applications

 System Features and Benefits


To view Export Order Form and Export End User Agreement Forms click on the links below. A Buyer’s Purchase Order may be used in lieu of an Export Order Form.


The completed Export End User Agreement, Export End User Questionnaire and BIS Form 711 must all be received prior to export license processing and shipment.


PDF  Export Order Form
PDF FV Export End User Agreement

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