Eagle Eye Infrared Systems, LLC


Tina Illig, President EEIS

Dr. Pat Farrell, President, Forward. Vision.™

(left) & Hank Rudge, EEIS, NASA/FAA SATS

 Conference in Danville, VA May 2005


About Us…


About 3 years ago, a prominent eye surgeon, and friend, was killed piloting a Piper Aerostar in treacherous weather near Bradford, PA.  Following this tragedy, Dr. Pat Farrell and partner Ron Lueck formed Forward. Vision.™ and developed an infrared camera system.  This system is a revolution in safety and security for general aviation, marine and ground markets as a state-of-the-art affordable vision enhancement system.  Initially designed for safety of flight, it is suitable for use in navigation, surveillance, guidance, search and rescue, and other applications. Forward.Vision.™ infrared cameras are presently installed on a variety of fixed wing and rotary aircraft including Comp Airs, Lancairs, Cessna 180s and Caravans, 90 Series King Airs  Eurocopters, BE105’s and Maule’s.


Eagle Eye Infrared Systems, LLC, a Service Disabled Woman Veteran Owned Small Business, specializes in general sales, government sales and export sales and service of Forward. Vision.™  infrared/thermal imaging systems.


Vision Statement...


Within the next 5 years, Eagle Eye Infrared Systems will be the number one supplier of Forward. Vision.™ infrared technology to federal, state and local governments and the private sector for general aviation, marine and ground applications.  We will successfully educate these market sectors, both domestically and internationally, on the numerous safety benefits that this technology offers and will continue to provide this state-of-the-art technology in a cost effective manner.  We will save lives.


Mission Statement...

We will create a new market for Forward. Vision. ™ infrared technology through successful education and promotion.  We will be the number one provider of this advanced visioning system for general aviation, marine and ground applications to government and private industry, both domestically and abroad.  We will provide exemplary and timely personalized export services to international procurers of our products.  We will forge strategic partnerships that help us to fulfill this mission and sustain our position in the marketplace over the long run.  We will save lives


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