Aerocomp takes orders for its jet and turbine aircraft

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Comp Air with infrared pod

LAKELAND, Fla. — Aerocomp announced that its kit-built, all-composite Comp Air Jet is available for order, and the first kits could be delivered in September. This comes just after the FAA approved the jet's transition from the flight test phase to the market survey phase on Friday, April 8. The company is finishing work on the jet's environmental system and expects to reach 29,500 feet and speeds of 340 knots. During flight tests, the jet has reached 20,000 feet and 313 kt. The company expects to sell six kits this year and eight in 2006. Aerocomp also announced that it is taking orders for its Comp Air 12, a kit powered by a 1,400-horsepower Lycoming turboprop engine. (It has the same airframe as the Comp Air Jet). The turbine version is expected to take its maiden flight within three months and complete the flight test phase within three to four months. The aircraft's projected speed is 275 kt with a 2,800-mile range. Both kits cost $449,000 without avionics.

(April 12)

Forward Vision completing first export license

LAKELAND, Fla. — Forward Vision is finishing up its first export license for its Forward Vision Infrared System to be installed on a Eurocopter in Belgium. The system helps to prevent accidents in reduced visibility conditions by providing pilots with real-time enhanced vision capabilities. The system makes it easier to spot roads, animals on the runway, other aircraft, tree lines, and more. The camera pod weights only 3.6 pounds. During Sun 'n Fun, the system is selling for $17,680; its regular price is $18,680. Those ordering the system can receive it within six weeks.

(April 12)