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Forward.Vision. Offers Low Cost FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) Technology to the Marine Industry
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FLIR Camera System

Merritt Island, Florida August 11, 2005 Forward.Vision. has adopted an affordable, forward- looking infrared (FLIR) technology previously only available on military or higher-end business jets and marine vessels, to develop a camera system that allow all mariners to “see” in low-visibility and low-light conditions.

Infrared-enhanced vision for night, fog, and low- visibility operations. Affordable Pricing, solid-state reliability and real-time live camera imaging. See through smoke, darkness, fog, rain, smog and even snow!

Live real-time enhanced vision clearly shows channel markers, shorelines, docks, unlit boats, swimmers, etc. Tide lines, debris in the water, and environmental pollution are also easily recognizable, even in total darkness, Invaluable lifesaver for man- overboard situations during low visibility, fog, rain, and night operations.

FV Marine Camera3 Radar is not enough and that's why adding a Forward.Vision. FLIR system on your boat is the only safe means of boating in complete confidence. Forward Looking IR picks up where Radar leaves off and the Forward.Vision. system is the only camera that doesn't degrade in sunlight.

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 Ron Lueck and Dr. Patrick S. Farrell

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