Forward Looking Infrared FLIR camera for General Aviation



These affordable Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera systems have been designed for your aircraft.


  •  Infrared-enhanced vision for no light / low light and restricted visibility conditions

  • See through darkness, smoke, smog, fog, rain and even snow!

  • MILSPEC construction and solid-state reliability

  • Variety of display and camera mounting options available

  •  No maintenance or training costs

  • Unmatched Pricing. Under $20,000.00 trading forex

In fixed wing and helicopter aircraft applications (experimental or temporary installations and Form 337 field authorizations), pilots using this thermal imaging camera system prevent runway incursions by clearly identify runways, taxiways, buildings, parked aircraft, and people while taxiing, taking off and landing during night time and low visibility. Runways, buildings, clouds, lakes, and fields can be identified while airborne on approach, greatly enhancing situational awareness and pilot safety during critical flight operations.

A wide variety of display and camera mounting options are available to suit any application. Forward. Vision. system helps prevent accidents caused by reduced visibility conditions, improves mission effectiveness and provides operators with real-time enhanced vision capabilities What a great addition to your air ambulance or your general aviation aircraft.


FLIR image night final approach rwy 25 JHW

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